Married for seven years, Linda and Owen McFarland are happy in their life and proud of their combined family. Both Owens 17 year old son Bruce and Lindas 15 year old daughter Emily attend the exclusive Hedden Academy boarding school and seem to be doing well. But the illusion is shattered when Linda and Owen receive a phone call informing them that Emily has tried to commit suicide.

Horrified, Linda and Owen race to Basingstoke Hospital where Emily has voluntarily committed herself. What has gone so wrong in Emilys life that could have caused her to take such an extreme action? At first, Emily refuses to tell them what is tormenting her.

When she finally reveals the cause, it threatens to rip their family apart. Emily accuses her stepbrother Bruce of raping her. Both Owen and Linda are devastated. Bruce adamantly denies the charge, leaving the parents in a horrible bind. Who is is telling the truth and who is lying? Will the truth shatter them or are their familial bonds forged strong enough to weather this tragedy?

Nancy Thayer delivers an incredibly intense look into a family in severe crisis. AN ACT OF LOVE is a powerful and riveting drama you wont soon forget. (Jan., 320 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith