Image of Act of Will


Image of Act of Will

In this fast-paced and highly entertaining tale, Will Hawthorne is self-centered and cynical, with an amazing capacity to rationalize his own actions. He is often reprehensible (on a hero scale) and always completely appealing. The plot twists, intrigue and bloody swordfights are balanced by the character's self-mocking viewpoint and satirical assessment of his world and how it works. A delightful feast for any reader.

Will is an actor and storyteller, or more accurately, a liar and small-time cheat -- although not actually accomplished in any of those roles. What he's definitely not, however, is a hero. He's much too fond of his own hide to follow such a dangerous and unprofitable pursuit. But when he's rescued by a band of adventurers, he gets reluctantly drawn into their heroic plans. Despite his astonishment at what he considers near suicidal antics, Will finds within himself strength and honor he never knew he had -- and is not certain he wants to keep. (TOR, Mar., 334 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
S.L. Rosania