Bethany Black finds herself in a hotel room that looks occupied, but she's so worn out that she just collapses on the bed. She is awakened by the most beautiful man she has ever met, Riker Montgomery, and they make love. He realizes that Bethany is his mate, and she realizes that Riker is a famous actor and leaves before he wakes.

Bethany is thrilled to find out that she is pregnant and gives birth to twins. She wants to tell Riker about the boys, but when she meets his lawyer and he tries to take the boys from her, she goes on the run. She doesn't know that Riker is an alpha and her children are werewolves.

Riker has been miserable without his mate, but he finds Bethany with the help of his family. She is shocked to learn that he's a werewolf but now understands some of the many things that didn't make sense. However, those after the boys won't give up, and they kidnap Bethany and one of the twins. Can Riker save them, and, if he does, will she stay with him now that she knows everything?

This fast-paced and very sexy story has strong characters, including secondaries, that make this a great adventure with some laugh-out-loud moments. Tender and touching, Massa's story is very believable. (dl $5.95)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager