Image of Addicted


Image of Addicted

This anthology is an intense and lushly dark novel about creatures of the night and the mortals they love. Replete with threats lurking in the shadows and sizzling sex between alpha vampires and intelligent heroines, Parks delivers a deliciously engaging bedtime story or erotic paranormal diversion.

Vampire-with-a-conscience Jake Brand may have to feed on blood, but he always asks permission first and gives his donors intense pleasure while in the process. It's a fair trade, he thinks. Then he meets mortal Athena, and his desire knows no bounds in "Once Bitten."

In "Bite Me Again," Daniel Ward is an old vampire who has learned over the centuries to take blood while sexually pleasing his donors, but he never gets involved with his victims for fear of unleashing the inner beast. Then Meg enters his life and he experiences a passion he hasn't known in centuries. (Aphrodisia, Sep., 304 pp., $13.95)
Reviewed by: 
Bella March