Image of Addicted to Love (Wedding Veil Wishes)


Image of Addicted to Love (Wedding Veil Wishes)

This third story involving a magical wedding veil is as entertaining and humorous as the last one. There's a seriousness to it also, as the heroine learns to recognize real love and caring. There are visits from characters from previous stories, and Wilde again includes secondary romances that
are intriguing, entertaining and hot.

Brody Carlton's loss of a leg in Iraq doesn't stop him from becoming sheriff of Valentine, Texas. So when jilted bride Rachael Henderson defaces the tacky Valentine billboard, he's the one who has to arrest her.

Sentenced to community service in Valentine, Rachael comes to the conclusion that she needs to get over her romantic longings, so she creates a website for people like her called Romanceaholics Anonymous. This stirs up a controversy, especially since the town's livelihood depends on romance. It also puts a damper on the romance that is developing between Rachael and Brody. (Forever, Oct., 400 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley