Image of Addicted to You (A One Night of Passion Novel)


Image of Addicted to You (A One Night of Passion Novel)

This would be a good story if it had better dialogue. The characters struggle to find their voices and even though there’s plenty of hot sex, their personalities need more fleshing out.

Movie director Rill Pierce started life in Ireland with his mother, never knowing who his father was. Afterward, he comes to the States, attends UCLA and becomes a success. His life continues its upward climb until the love of his life, Eden, is killed in car accident. His life takes a nosedive and he ends up in Illinois, in a drunken stupor. Katie, a successful Beverly Hills attorney, has been Rill’s friend for many years. Based on her love for him, she decides to find him. When she does, Rill is not interested in anything she has to offer. She still manages to seduce him and the blowback is immediate. He’s angry, she’s persistent and eventually she becomes pregnant. Before this, Rill has traveled back to Ireland to find out about his past so that he can come to terms with his future. This leads to his reconciliation with Katie and a new life together. (HEAT, Jun., 341 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Laura Ellis