Image of Aden: Vampires In America (Volume 7)


Image of Aden: Vampires In America (Volume 7)

What do you get when you take a dark, brooding and dominant male vampire and add an inquisitive, attractive and determined female reporter? A heck of a lot of fireworks — and Reynolds’ top-notch addition to the Vampires in America series. And if you’ve been searching for a steamy read, look no further: A little BDSM and super sexy bedroom activity fire up the pages in this stellar novel of action, adventure and deceit.

Sidonie Reid has a plan. She wants to destroy the vampires responsible for the death of her friend. She insinuates herself into the middle of a ball where she believes the vampire who will rule Chicago will be chosen. He’ll also be the one taking over the slavery ring that killed her friend. Aden also has an agenda. At the top of the list is becoming Lord of the Midwestern Territory. Right below that? Seducing Sidonie. He will stop at nothing to achieve both. When Sid reveals the existence of slavery in the territory, it brings back Aden’s memories of his childhood as a slave in 18th century Morocco. Once they’re on the same page, Aden reluctantly lets Sid join the quest to terminate the trafficking ring. (IMAJINN, Dec., 258 pp., $14.95)

Reviewed by: 
Donna M. Brown