Image of Adopted Parents


Image of Adopted Parents
ADOPTED PARENTS (3) by Candy Halliday: After the death of her sister Janet and brother-in-law David in a car accident, Hallie Weston and David’s brother, Nathan Brock, move in together to care for their niece, Ahn. They’re looking for new adoptive parents for the developmentally-delayed daughter their siblings adopted. Determined to follow their siblings’ wishes and a find a new family for Ahn, Hallie and Nathan also deal with their own feelings toward one another and their differing views over what should happen to Ahn. Nathan wants the three of them to form a new family and Hallie wants to give Ahn to new parents and remain only her aunt. This is a pleasant read, but the constant back and forth between Hallie’s and Nathan’s differing desires is a bit emotionally exhausting. It’s also unrealistic that Nathan would suddenly turn from a globe-trotting photojournalist to a doting, at-home dad.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay