Image of Adora


Image of Adora

The re-publication of Adora (out of print since the '80s) is reason to celebrate. Written in the tradition of The Kadin and Love Wild and Fair, Adora is the story of the beautiful Princess Theadora Cantacuzene, who rose to become one of the most powerful women in the east.

As a child, Adora is promised to the powerful Turkish emperor, Orkan, and then sent to a convent for her protection. But even behind convent walls love finds Adora when she meets meets Orkan's third son, Prince Murad, the love of her life. Murad patiently tutors Adora in the art of love and when it becomes time for her to leave the convent and enter Orkan's harem, she is devastated to be torn from her beloved.

Adora learns to use her sensuality to her advantage and becomes her husband's favorite, the mother of a son. Though separated from Murad and learning to love another, Adora dreams of the one man who stole her heart and, as fate brings them together, they will forge the most powerful empire in the world.

Adora is an example of the finest of classic historical romance. Small's sharp sense of history elevates her books to another level of historical fiction where intrigue, romance, sexuality and accurate historical details of the era and harem life share the stage. Readers thrilled then and will thrill now to the colorful details of an exotic world of sensuality that opens their eyes to a glorious, passionate world. Though 26 years old, Adora is as relevant to modern readers who will see a strong feminist heroine triumph over a society that subjugated women. Adora is what historical romance has always been about: a brilliant blend of history, sensuality and love. No reader should be without Adora on her shelf. VERY SENSUAL (Mar., $15.00; to order, go to

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Kathe Robin