Charlotte Arkendale has found a unique way to earn a living: she investigates suitors for women who want to be sure they're being married for themselves and not their money. When her man of affairs retires, she must hire a new secretary-someone who would not be noticed, someone as bland as pudding. To Charlotte's eyes, that someone cannot be Baxter St. Ives. He appears too dangerous and passionate.

Most people, including Charlotte's sister, find Baxter rather plain. His passion for chemistry has kept Baxter working on his own until his aunt asks him to help investigate her friend's recent murder-a woman who once visited Charlotte for help. Working as her servant will enable Baxter to ferret out her true nature.

Though a man of science, Baxter finds himself strangely intrigued by the bright and independent Miss Arkendale. When she asks him to get involved in the murder investigation, he finds that they make their own chemistry very well.

To Charlotte, it is as if Baxter is an alchemist of love. When they masquerade as a betrothed couple and get involved in an affair, they have no idea that a malicious killer is scheming to tear them apart...or see them dead.

AFFAIR is just what readers look for in an Amanda Quick romance: there's plenty of sharp, quick wit; snappy, quick repartee; an intriguing, quick-paced mystery; and a delightfully charming love story. Though it's similar to all of her other books, there is just enough difference in AFFAIR to rekindle readers' imaginations and their love affair with Amanda Quick's very special novels. SENSUAL (Mar., 340 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin