Image of Skeleton Letters (A Scrapbooking Mystery)


Image of Skeleton Letters (A Scrapbooking Mystery)

Fans of Child’s iconic character, Jack Reacher, have wondered what pushed him away from the military. Child uses first-person POV to tell the story of that pivotal moment and case. Compelling from the first page, the novel will only increase Child’s readership. He is the best in the business and this only solidifies that truth.

Military MP Jack Reacher receives a mission to go undercover near an Army base in an extremely small town. A woman was killed and all the evidence points to someone on the base. Reacher’s orders are to be a fly on the wall and not reveal his real identity to either the investigator officially assigned to the case or the local law enforcement. Right away, the sheriff in town figures out his true business, so he recruits her to help him to get to the truth. As they dig deeper, evidence of other murders and a cover-up put their lives in jeopardy. (DELACORTE, Oct., 405 pp., $28.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jeff Ayers