Image of An Affair To Remember (Mediterranean Nights)


Image of An Affair To Remember (Mediterranean Nights)
Fifteen years ago, costume designer Helena Stamos had her heart broken by Nikolas Pappas, then a deck hand on one of her father's freighters. Now she is vacationing on Alexandra's Dream, which Nick captains, and both are single again following divorces. Discussing what really happened is a first step first toward working things out, but when Helena is menaced by someone from Nick's past, he fears he'll lose her again, this time permanently. Karen Kendall's contribution to this classy continuity series, An Affair to Remember (4), has a solid plot, a nice hint of intrigue and a pair of of believably reunited lovers. A more original reason for their youthful breakup might have been in order, but the domineering dad gambit doesn't detract much from the story.
Reviewed by: 
Catherine Witmer