In her Willowmere trilogy conclusion, Camp pairs a staid, responsible and rather dull earl with an independent, impulsive daughter of a duke and includes a mix of sprightly dialogue, jewel thieves and murder along with a simmering sensuality that adds just enough spice to this fast-paced, well- rendered love story.

Oliver, Earl Stewkesbury, and Lady Vivian Carlyle have known one another for ages and have been at odds with one another for almost as long. It is with some reservation that he agrees to her sponsoring his two American cousins for the season.

Vivian has no desire to marry. She does mostly as she pleases and enjoys the social activities to the fullest. As the season progresses their feelings for each other begin to change and Oliver, against his better judgment, throws propriety to the wind and at her suggestion, begins a secret affair with Vivian. Over Oliver’s objections, Vivian continues tracking down the murderous jewel thief who is plaguing London. But the discovery of the mastermind behind the thefts will put them both in danger and Oliver will do anything to protect this impetuous stubborn woman who he has come to love. (POCKET STAR, Apr., 384 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond