Image of Afloat


Image of Afloat

The core of Healy’s story is original and engrossing, with a unique plot and relatable characters. However, the setting is a major part of the tale, and it is incredibly difficult to visualize the action without a diagram or some idea of what the floating buildings and surrounding landscape is supposed to look like. This detracts from the otherwise engaging story.

Vance Nolan’s Eagle’s Talon is an architectural marvel: floating condo units on a crescent-shaped part of the river. As the crew works to finish the project, people begin to move in, including Danielle and her young son, who are helping Tony Dean sell the units. When a freak storm closes the area off to the outside world, those stuck behind must learn to trust in something beyond themselves if they want to survive the living nightmare. (THOMAS NELSON, May, 368 pp., $15.99)
Reviewed by: 
Melissa Parcel