Familiar characters from A Journey by Chance are reintroduced in AFTER ALL THESE YEARS (3) by Sally John, a double romance filled with an abundance of the gospel. Reporter Anthony Ward visits Valley Oaks to do a feature on their famous Christian author. He never expects to encounter former love Isabel Mendoza—and God. Now that Isabel's back in his life again, can Tony follow through with his dubious plan or will love intervene? Lia Neuman's determined to be independent, but harassment isn't something she can handle on her own. But being thrown together with deputy sheriff Cal Huntington puts her on shaky ground. Will Lia run from Valley Oaks in fear, or will Cal be able to rescue her? The dialogue in this book doesn't always ring true; however, the suspense is believable with solid characterizations. (Jul., 350 pp., $10.99)

Reviewed by: 
Bev Huston