On July 1st, Joanna Flynn nearly dies twice. During her second near-death experience, Joanna feels a connection with another presence, someone who desperately needs her help. Following her resuscitation, Joanna experiences strange and disturbing dreams. When she is twice mistaken on the streets of Atlanta for a woman called Caroline, Joanna feels compelled to find this mysterious woman.

Joanna discovers that unlike herself, Caroline McKenna did indeed die on July 1. Caroline however lived and died hundreds of miles away in Cliffside, Oregon.

When Joanna arrives in Cliffside, the whole town is taken aback by her resemblance to the late Caroline. Caroline left behind a husband and a grieving young daughter, and also seems to have left behind a number of lovers who may not remember her fondly. Was Sheriff Griffin Cavanaugh also caught in her web? Joanna suspects that Caroline was frightened by something before her death. Was her death an accident? When another woman dies suddenly, Griffin and Joanna fear the worst.

Hot author Kay Hooper ventures into eerie and supernatural waters with her magnetic romantic suspense release AFTER CAROLINE. Ms. Hooper is one author who never disappoints, and continues to expand her talent with each new novel. A genuine pleasure to read! (Oct., 352 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith