The author who is most responsible for the blossoming of futuristic romance begins a marvelous new series set on the planet of Harmony, another colony world lost to Earth behind the Curtain.Ms. Castle adds many wonderful touches to her engaging new series, including Lydias unique pet, Fuzz, and enthusiastic fans will clamor for further adventures.

Life has not been kind to para-archeologist Lydia Smith since she suffered a two-day blackout in the catacombs below the ancient alien city of Old Cadence. An expert at resonating with and disarming psychic illusion traps, she had been in high demand until that particular fiasco cost her both her job and her would-be lover.

Even so, working for Shrimptons House of Ancient Horrors is quite a come down. And discovering a dead body sprawled over an alien sarcophagus just when she gets her first client as an independent consultant is a real downer. Fortunately, the enigmatic Emmett London is not scared off so easily.

But just what does he want from her?

(Sep., 329 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer