In this hot anthology Showalter brings readers a Lords of Darkness story and Ballenger offers up an Execution Underground prequel. Pages sizzle with “The Darkest Angel” as a harpy makes it her goal to besmirch the innocence of a demon hunter. Imaginative and seductive, Showalter’s tale is the author at her best and it caused this reviewer to blush more than once. Debut author Ballenger shows awesome potential and talent with “Shadow Hunter.”

“The Darkest Angel” stretches the term “opposites attract” to the limits when a naughty and dangerous harpy is determined to lead Lysander, a demon-hunting winged warrior, into temptation. Never knowing desire, Lysander can only deny himself so long when confronted by Bianka’s expert seduction techniques. “Shadow Hunter” introduces the Execution Undergound’s vampire hunter, Damon Brock. During his first assignment in a city filled with bloodsuckers, he encounters a rogue slayer, Tiffany Solow, who is out to get revenge on those who destroyed her family. Once they discover their goals are one and the same, they make it their mission to destroy as many vampire covens as they can. But when their lifelong convictions come into question, the two of them must make a choice between good and evil. (HQN, Jul., 336 pp., $11.95)

Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes