The three firefighting Malvasos—Mitch, Jenny and Zach—were all injured in a fire that killed many, and this incident becomes a turning point in their lives. Mitch's marriage was troubled from the start, but after the fire his wife changes from shrew to model wife. Mitch doesn't trust this change, but he does start taking a more active role in his children's lives—and finds himself drawn to Detective Megan Hale.

Jenny decides it's time to have a child and chooses her close friend to be the father. After two failed marriages, she has no desire to try a for a third. Ex-husband Zach, meanwhile, promises to be a better father to his sons and a support to his ex-wife, even after she refuses to reconcile with him.

This excellent story looks at the lives and the pressures that firefighters live under. The characters and their struggles to overcome the tragedies in their lives are inspiring and emotionally invigorating. This is a true hero's tale. (Nov., 384 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley