Picking up right where 2000's After Dark left off, AFTER GLOW follows the further paranormal adventures of Lydia and her ghost hunter mate. As always, the characterizations and plot blend perfectly for a thrilling, funny and fully satisfying read.

The last few months have been trying for para-archaeologist Lydia Smith. First she almost dies in the underground passages of the old Dead City. Then the resulting fallout costs Lydia her promising career, and now she's working in a tacky third-rate museum. Stumbling across the murdered body of an old friend gets Lydia entangled in a mystery— and with former Resonance Guild boss Emmett London. After solving the murder, Emmett and Lydia try their hands at dating.

Lydia's distaste for anything Guild related is put to the test when someone tries to murder Cadence Guild boss Mercer Wyatt, and Emmett is made acting head of the Guild. Fearful that whoever took a shot at Wyatt will also come after Emmett, Lydia vows to make sure that doesn't happen. Of course stumbling across another dead body only complicates the situation. Then there is her really big problem: finding something to wear to the Restoration Ball.

(Mar., 352 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith