Portia Carr Wells hopes by taking on the presidency of the Nature Preservation Society that she can both continue the work of her late husband and find the person she's convinced murdered him. Nick Sinestra, an NYPD detective who moonlights by selling celebrity secrets to the tabloids, has his eye on Portia. Initially, he sees her high-profile status as fair game for leaking confidential tidbits to the press, but soon his cop instincts kick in when he realizes genuine danger follows her. Their mutual attraction is something neither wishes to pursue, but love has its own rules.

Erickson's novel is a highly compelling, don't-want-to-put-it- down-until-the-end read. Although the suspense element is the novel's greatest strength, the characters are also well drawn, the plot fast paced and the light romance enjoyable.
Reviewed by: 
Marilyn Weigel