Image of An After-Hours Affair


Image of An After-Hours Affair
AN AFTER-HOURS AFFAIR (4.5) by Barbara Dunlop: Makeovers are great for the ego but can play havoc with your love life, as administrative assistant Jenny Watson finds out when her friend gives her a makeover for a friend’s wedding. Jenny’s been nursing a crush on her boss, former NFL player Mitch Hayward, but as far as he’s concerned, she’s part of the woodwork. Her new look, however, catches more than just his eye — suddenly more than a few male eyes are roving her way and she’s having a wonderful time. Too bad Mitch can’t say the same. His suddenly gorgeous assistant stuns him and his world tips on its axis. Readers are in for a fun, fiery and utterly delightful chase around the Lone Star State.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper