Ex-SEAL Chase Mattingly is still trying to figure out what went wrong during his last Navy dive. The experience has given him nightmares and a fear of the dark. Chases neighbor at Lower Sugar Loaf Key is suffering from another type of fear, that of losing her younger brother. Following the deaths of their parents, psychologist Callie Carlson has raised her brother Jeff. Like his father, Jeff wants nothing to do with college but would rather fish and salvage. One day, noticing Callies worry about Jeffs delayed return, Chase offers to speak to him on the radio.

When Chase reaches Jeff and his friend Eric, he learns that they are trying to salvage a boat that was scuttled. Jeff and Eric return with their prize only to be arrested on charges of theft and murder. Someone killed the owners of the boat and the police are blaming Jeff and Eric. Callie knows that Jeff had nothing to do with the murder. Chase discovers that the boat was scuttled near where he had his diving accident. When Chases dive partner from that fateful day is murdered, he worries that someone wont hesitate at tying up any loose ends.

The consistently excellent Rachel Lee outdoes herself with this fabulous new romantic thriller. This book is utterly gripping from beginning to end. A definite keeper! (Mar., 371 pp, $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith