Medeiros has crafted a vampire novel with soul, an incredibly hypnotic tale that sucks the readers in as surely as the Cabot sisters are drawn into the world of Adrian Kane and his brother Julian.

Portia Cabot fears that her sister Vivienne is infatuated with a man rumored to be a vampire. But her other sister Caroline believes it's just Portia's extravagant imagination. Feeling she must know the truth, Caroline attends a party given by the Kanes.

Caroline is mesmerized by Adrian's presence and captivating voice. She wonders if there is something to the rumors about his possessing a strange magic, since she is falling under what appears to be a spell. By continuing to uncover the truth, Caroline is unwittingly drawn into the Kane brothers' lives and the dangerous game they're playing to lure their enemy from the shadows. In doing so, Adrian risks exposure to the light and prays their love is strong enough to overcome the darkness.

Mesmerizing, tantalizing, simmering with sexual tension and excitement,this story will haunt your dreams and make your heart race. A true master of her craft, Medeiros again proves her talents by creating another "keeper" and opening a door into a new arena. SENSUAL (Aug., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin