Image of After Moonrise: Possessed\Haunted


Image of After Moonrise: Possessed\Haunted

Two of the biggest names in paranormal romance each offer a story of their own, but with a common thread, in After Moonrise. Filled with charming, sexy characters and a highly intriguing story, Cast’s offering will open readers’ eyes to exactly what a ghost and a lonely detective can do when they set their minds to it. Showalter’s page-turner novella has leads that are fully developed, with a complexity that lends urgency to the mystery in which they’re caught up.

What happens when a twin is murdered and the sister left behind is possessed by her spirit? In “Possessed” by Cast, Kent Raef is a psychic detective hired to find a murderer, and free the trapped soul. As he begins to help, he soon realizes there is a lot more at stake than finding a killer. Showalter’s “Haunted” has Detective Levi Reid unsure where his life is going. His episodes of “missing time” have led him to a place he doesn’t recognize. Nothing takes your mind off your own problems more than meeting someone in a worse situation: Artist Aurora Harper is sure she’s witnessed a murder, but her only evidence is the scene she’s painted. Convinced she’s repressed the memory of the killer, Levi is helping her find the murderer and the victim — and is hoping to find a part of himself along the way. (HQN, Nov., 368 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Terri Dukes