AFTER THE PARADE, a spin-off of With Heart, continues the story of Kathleen and Johnny Henry. At the beginning of WWII, a heart-breaking tragedy causes estrangement between Kathleen and Johnny.

Now the war is over and Kathleen watches as Johnny, discharged from the Ceebees, returns home to a heros welcome. Kathleen never filed for the divorce Johnny wanted, for she still loves him. She decides to make a life of her own and continue on with her writing career.

Johnny finds the ranch house they shared when they were first married full of memories. But he has to put aside his pride when a deranged stalker threatens his darling Kathleen. He came to her aid once before, will he be in time to save the love of his life again?

Ms. Garlock brings back a few characters from With Song and With Heart in this touching story of two people at cross purposes who struggle to save their marriage and get on with their lives after the second World War. SENSUAL (Apr., 397 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Joan Hammond