Libby Wolfe is part of a time-travel expedition sent back to research the Middle Ages. During her last expedition something went wrong with one of the time machines and Libby suffers from partial memory loss. She hopes that by returning to 13th-century England she can restore her memory.

It is at Passfair Castle, the home of Libby's godparents, that Libby encounters the mysterious Bastien of Bale. Something about him seems so familiar, and yet Libby cannot quite grasp the memories that are struggling to surface.

Bastien cannot understand his strange attraction to Libby. He has wanted no other woman since his wife was killed. Angered by her intrusion into his dreams, he fights his feelings.

As Libby and Bastien begin to unravel the mysteries that intertwine their lives, they must tread with care lest the foe who sought their deaths in the past succeed in eliminating them forever.

Ms. Sizemore delivers a refreshingly different time-travel that will sweep you along in a wondrous journey into the past. Bastien and Libby's tale shimmers with hope and inspiration. (Feb., 309 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Lizabelle Cox