Dover Mountain is a place to hide— and a place to start over. Alisha Emerson has made a new home with the kind folk on the mountain, but tonight a storm is raging and her baby is about to be born. Alone and afraid, Alisha cries out to God, who sends Jared Murdock to help. After Jared delivers her baby, Alisha feels an inexplicable bond with the gentle stranger.

Soon after his arrival, strange and troubling events begin happening. Messages from her past have Alisha fearing for her and her son's lives. Jared has become her close friend, but could he be hiding a dangerous secret?

Worth takes readers on a thrilling ride in a story of an abused woman trying to start over and make a home for her baby. (May, 304 pp., $12.95)
Reviewed by: 
Vickie McDonough