Megan ORourke is finally living the life she always wanted. Far from the Wyoming ranch where her grandfather raised her, Megan has a successful media career in New York. Then her grandfather, Tex, dies.

Going home for the funeral, the last thing Megan expects is to be met at the airport by Jake Landers. Jake was special to her years before, until he was accused of stealing cattle and she chose to believe the accusations. Discovering that he is Texs lawyer is difficult enough, but discovering that Tex made Megan the guardian of his eight-year-old daughter, who Megan didnt know existed, is more than she can handle.

Texs will makes it clear that to inherit, Megan needs to stay in Wyoming and raise young Tess. Meg bristles at the high-handed tactics that keep her from New York, but small-town life has a way of getting back under her skin, and shes willing to do anything to prove to Tess she is loved and wanted. Its not so bad with Jake around either.

With tremendous storytelling ability, and a skillful way of telling many subplots without stealing from the central story, Ms. Woods will delight. (Oct., 408 pp. $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Debbie Richardson