Spirited Cotannah Chisk-Ko enjoys being the most sought after belle in Nueces, Texas. Her brother does not share her opinion, and sends her to the Choctow Nation to learn how to behave properly.

Cotannah is livid at being banished, until she begins meeting many new and interesting men, especially the intriguing shaman, Walks-With-Spirits. She tries to seduce him without success.

Handsome Walks-With-Spirits finds Cotannah shallow and yet her vitality, even her restless nature, draws him to her. When Cotannah flirts with the wrong man Walks-With-Spirits rushes to her rescue with tragic results.

Condemned to die, he refuses to run away. Now Cotannah must face the consequences of her actions.

Gennell Dellin writes with passion and an intensity that makes her one of the more popular Indian romance authors today. AFTER THE THUNDER is the last book in the Choctaw Indian trilogy and will thrill readers who like a heroine who is much stronger than the hero, and a story where redemption and not romance is paramount. SENSUAL (Jan., 379 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Maria C. Ferrer