After witnessing the accidental death of her husband, Alex Madison, during a violent storm, artist Kacy Macgrath retreats from the world and her husbands creditors by fleeing to the cottage she inherited from her Irish grandmother.

Businessman Braedon Roche is at the center of an art world scandal. Someone was using his galleries to pass forged artwork. To clear his reputation, Braedon is determined to find the true culprit. He had suspected Alex Madison, but with Alexs death, finds that his wife is the last link to unraveling the crime. However, upon tracking Kacy down, he soon changes his mind.

Master Forger Enrico Gienelli is also tracing Kacy. His freedom and livelihood are on the line. And Max Madison, Alexs twin brother who has spent the last few years in prison, irrationally blames Kacy and is determined to make her pay.

All of these forces are converging on the town of Lindoon in County Claire, and Kacy is unwittingly at the center of a violent and dangerous storm.

Dee Davis pours on the atmosphere and cranks up the danger in this terrific new thriller. Perfect pulse-pounding reading for a cold winters night. (Jan., 336 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith