Image of The After Wife


Image of The After Wife

In this tantalizing story involving a romantic triangle the stakes are literally life and death. The premise of a woman caught between a sensual biological destiny and human love is quite intriguing, but it's undercut by the heroine's frustrating refusal to face the extraordinary nature of events around her. Still, Davis' characterization ensures that the choice between seductive evil and sensuous good is a tough one!

Beautiful Nia Youngblood is unlucky in love. Whenever she starts to get serious or attempts to consummate a relationship, disaster strikes. Still a virgin at 24, Nia is frustrated, but her luck may change when she meets handsome attorney David Wrightwood. Their attraction is instant and, luckily for Nia, David is persistent.

But it will take more than persistence for David to win Nia's heart and body, for she is the destined bride of demon lord Rephaim. Since Nia's birth, which was arranged by Rephaim, he has watched her, protected her and waited for her 25th birthday, when he will make her his queen. Not, however, if David has anything to say about it!

(POCKET, Mar., 384 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith