Image of Afterglow (Lodestone)


Image of Afterglow (Lodestone)

Adair is back doing what she does so well — taking readers on spectacular adventures filled with passion and thrills. Afterglow is the followup to last year’s Hush, which featured the clever paranormal twist of protagonists being able to remotely track people and items. In classic Adair style, this terrific story features nonstop action, dangerous treachery and layered characters. A truly perfect romantic suspense blend!

Security expert Rand Maguire has a crisis on his hands. A celebrity wedding in Monte Carlo runs horribly amok when the guests are drugged with a mysterious substance that ramps up their sex drive and causes them to lose all inhibitions. Dr. Dakota North now works for Zak Stark and his Lodestone company. Zak feels she is perfect to help in this case as she is a chemist and has the rare ability to track. Dakota and Rand have a torturous past and their estrangement is intense. Dakota fears that the dangerous drug is the same one she worked on earlier with Rand’s father at a pharmaceutical company. That drug was supposedly destroyed in a lab explosion, so who is behind this attack? (POCKET STAR, Apr., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith