It's as gruesome a case as Inspector Alan Banks has ever seen. The police were called for a domestic disturbance at the cottage of Terry and Lucy Payne. Upon their arrival, Terry attacks Police Constable Dennis Morrisey with a machete and kills him. In turn, PC Janet Taylor bludgeons Payne. When backup arrives, the corpses of several teenage girls are discovered in the basement.

Banks has his hands full. It's apparent that Terry abducted and killed the girls but did Lucy know? Was she a willing participant? And PC Taylor's attack on Payne—did she use more force than was necessary?

Secrets from Lucy's past emerge to shed a new light on the brutality but the question of her innocence still remains. There also seems to be a missing corpse and an extra, unidentified one as well. With his personal life in turmoil, Banks seeks redemption in discovering the truth of the case at all costs.

AFTERMATH is an outstanding book, a multilayered story that unfolds brilliantly without ever losing tension. Robinson has outdone himself with a haunting story that will leave readers in total awe. (Jul., 480 pp., $7.50) Hardcover published November 2001.

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg