While this novella has all of the components that make up a sexy read: a tropical island, two attractive people and an afternoon of delight, there is nothing that makes the story stand out. This is an okay read that unites two lonely people, however, even the surprise twist towards the end is not enough to make Bee and Brody’s story memorable.

Bianca “Bee” Rogers’ marriage has been over for a year and the only thing left is for her to sign the final divorce papers. But before she can take the monumental step of severing her last connection with the man she loved since she was sixteen, Bee travels to a resort in Bandicoot Cove for her brother's wedding. Even this tropical paradise cannot take away her pain at the thought of saying goodbye forever to her husband … that is until she meets sexy Brody Evans. Brody knows all about broken marriages, since he is in the process of dissolving his own. Will these two be able to let go of past mistakes in order to find a happy future? (SAMHAIN, Sep., dl., $3.50)

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Reviewed by: 
Eve Polak