Written in beautiful, striking prose, this novel juxtaposes two contrasting voices — ethereal Sophie, who now watches over her loved ones from beyond the grave, and Jenny, her compassionate, adoring best friend who is wrought with grief and confusion. Floating alongside Sophie and breathing in Jenny’s pain, the lines between our world and the next are blurred, reminding us that, while happiness should be embraced in the present, love has no bounds.

Sophie Brady is as dynamic in death as she was in life. Despite a freak accident taking Sophie from her husband, son and best friend far too soon, Sophie remains — unseen by those around her, but as opinionated as ever. She tries to guide her loved ones, without much success, as they navigate their grief and a world without her. Sophie tries to balance watching over her broken family and her devastated best friend with planning for their future, including figuring out the best replacement wife for her husband, Ollie, and hoping that a dark secret doesn’t cause Jenny’s engagement to implode. As Sophie’s death fades into the past, life moves on for Ollie and Jenny, unfolding in delightfully unexpected ways. (BERKLEY, Jan., 320 pp., $15.00)

Reviewed by: 
Kaitlyn Kelly