The Morris/Grant-Hayes/Roundtree feud makes the Hatfield and McCoys feud seem like a football scrimmage! It's no wonder when Melissa Grant and Adam Roundtree meet they fight the compelling attraction that's drawing them into an emotional commitment. But they fight in vain. There's no denying the need that binds them.

When they confront the families with their relationship, neither is prepared for the degree of animosity they face. Not to mention the fact that someone is sabotaging the work at a Roundtree factory and Adam's family is sure that Melissa is seducing him in order to ruin the Roundtrees. As Melissa and Adam fight for their love, his business and his reputation, they discover secrets-dark, dangerous secrets that could destroy both families...and their love.

Gwynne Forster has penned another extraordinary romance that will grip the reader with its drama, suspense and passion. AGAINST ALL ODDS is a scintillating literary perfume redolent with romance. (Sept., 344 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cheryl Ferguson