Image of Against the Edge (The Raines of Wind Canyon)


Image of Against the Edge (The Raines of Wind Canyon)

There’s nothing quite like a visit with Martin’s crew of ex-military private detectives. These guys are the real deal — sinfully sexy, patriotic and completely protective. This time, Martin takes a man who shields his heart and throws a sexy, sympathetic social worker in his path, with explosive results, stringing out the tension to two shattering climaxes.

From the minute he sees the beautiful social worker standing on his front porch, former Navy SEAL Ben Slocum knows his life is about to change. And he’s right. Claire Chastain has news — first, that he’s the father to a son named Sam he never knew about and second, that the child has been abducted. A man with a grudge against Claire and the boy’s dead mother has taken the boy to a paramilitary encampment. And now, Ben is Claire’s only hope of saving Sam. As they track the child, Ben and Claire fight feelings they don’t have time to worry about. When Claire and Sam are taken again, Ben becomes a one-man posse to retrieve them by whatever means necessary. (MIRA, May, 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper