Image of Against the Fire (The Raines of Wind Canyon)


Image of Against the Fire (The Raines of Wind Canyon)

There’s something irresistible about a bad boy — especially when he’s gorgeous, smart and successful — which is exactly how one might define Gabriel Raines. There’s lots of sizzle and burn — and it’s not all from a mysterious arsonist — when Gabe meets the fiery and surprising Mattie. This sexy page-turner is a perfect blend of romance, mystery and action.

Somebody is really pissed off at Gabriel Raines and has been setting fires in his new real estate development to prove it. When back-to-back fires are blamed on a local teen, Angel Ramierez, Gabe thinks that the situation is over. That is, until architect Mattie Baker, who volunteers at a family abuse center, comes to Angel’s defense. Soon the unlikely pair is not only tracking down a psychopathic arsonist to prove Angel’s innocence, they’re setting off sparks of their own, despite Mattie’s reluctance to get involved with any man — let alone sexy tough guy Gabe. (MIRA, Feb., 408 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper