FBI Special Agent Jake Donnelly is still grieving from the loss of his Aunt Sophie. During his troubled childhood, Sophie guided and protected him. However Jake is none too taken with Aunt Sophies pampered pooch Muffin, which is a problem, since Muffin has inherited Sophies estate.

The only thing Jake really wants from his wealthy Aunts estate is the lakeside cabin in Pennsylvania where he escaped the troubles of his youth. But in order to inherit the cabin, Jake must first learn to live with Muffin. Sophie left another condition in her will: Jake and Muffin must spend two weeks together at the Happy Hound Health Spa run by LeAnn Crosby. Jake witnesses an amazing transformation in Muffins behavior once they arrive at the spa. Muffin is clearly beloved by both the intriguingly attractive LeAnn and her staff.

Once LeAnn gets a glimpse of Jake and Muffin together, she realizes she will have her work cut out if she is ever going to build a bond between these two stubborn males. Just as Jake is starting to look forward to some one-on-one coaching from the lovely LeAnn, one of his current FBI cases threatens to wreak some havoc.

Charming and delightfully humorous, AGAINST HIS WILL is non-stop fun. Snap up your copy ASAP. (May, 390 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith