The Civil War is waning. Union soldier Gabe Davis has been released from a prison at Andersonville, and is finally on his way home. Aboard the Mississippi steamboat Sultana, Gabe, weakened and frail from his recent ordeal, manages to rescue a young woman from a band of rowdy soldiers.

Yvette Augeron has fled New Orleans after her sisters scandalous death. She is intent upon getting away from her sisters killer and the unsubstantiated claim that she murdered a Union officer. Only the real killer knows the truth and as luck would have it, he is on board.

Yvette is able to repay her debt of gratitude to Gabe when he is accosted by hostile men accusing him of cowardice. Somehow these two lost souls find one another and are bound by their common bond: the need to tell another the truth and be redeemed in one persons eyes.

Separately they are weak, together they are strong; strong enough to combat hate, prejudice, past mistakes, the Sultanas explosion and a killers diabolical schemes.

Emotionally powerful, intense and tender, AGAINST THE ODDS brims over with fascinating detail, depth of character and a true understanding of the pain and suffering left by war. This moving portrait will touch your heart. SENSUAL (May, 360 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin