Image of Against the Wall (Maverick Montana Book 1)


Image of Against the Wall (Maverick Montana Book 1)

Undeniably steamy and consistently engaging, the first of Rebecca Zanetti’s Maverick Montana series mixes sizzling chemistry and intriguing conflict with deeper emotional themes of loneliness and finding home, making for a read that satisfies on a number of levels. Though Zanetti cleverly uses her heroine’s dreams as a way to analyze her budding relationship, there are still issues of power and control that are left unaddressed by the story’s end. Nevertheless, this book establishes a detailed world for this evolving series and each secondary character is loaded with potential.

Landscape architect Sophia Smith has been sent to Maverick, Montana, to convince the local Native American tribe to approve her plans for a golf course on their land. But no sooner does she arrive than she is swept — quite literally — off her feet by the sexy and powerful Jake Lodge. Their instant chemistry is smoldering, and Sophie finds herself falling in love with the town. When Jake reveals that he is the Tribe’s attorney and is willing to do whatever it takes to block Sophie’s development, Sophie realizes just how much of a threat the sexy cowboy can be, both to her well-laid plans, and to her well-guarded heart. (ENTANGLED, Mar., dl., $2.99)

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Bridget Keown