Gwynne Forster explores interracial relationships in her second Genesis Press release.

For months, Leslie Collins has been trying to outrun the man who is trying to kill her. Determined to establish some semblance of a normal life while she finishes her masters degree, Leslie arrives at the home of Jordan Saber, looking for a job.

Jordan takes pity on her and hires her to help out in the kitchen. He also falls in love with her.

Jordan tries to protect Leslie from the pain of her past and the disapproving stares of those in her present. It seems lots of people dont like the fact that Jordan, a white man, has fallen in love with an African-American woman, even though they make a great team and really love each other. Although Jordan is dealing well with the race issue, Leslie must come to understand that regardless of the color of the wrapping, love is a precious gift.

Ms. Forster has done an excellent job of making Jordan and Leslies relationship so natural and real that the issue of race is secondary to the love story. Definitely her best work to date. (Dec., 262 pp., $8.95)

Reviewed by: 
Chandra Y. Sparks