Image of Agave Kiss: A Corine Solomon Novel


Image of Agave Kiss: A Corine Solomon Novel

While Agave Kiss features exciting action scenes and well-crafted mythology, it suffers from a meandering plot that doesn’t put its ultimate conflict at the forefront. Rather, there are several seemingly equal conflicts (and major battles) throughout, and the main character’s final pursuit feels rushed and too easily solved. Further, unless you’ve read the previous titles in this series, some of the lesser characters and their relationships with the protagonist are unclear and underdeveloped.

Corine Solomon lost most of her powers in her last fight. Worse, she also lost the love of her life. But since he isn’t fully mortal, there’s a chance she can bring him back from the dead. First, however, she’ll have to rescue a friend from a magical prison, then save another pal from the clutches of a demon bent on torture, while dodging a handful of baddies chasing after her with the aim of settling some debts. Turns out finding the time and resources to rescue her lover may be easier said than done. (ROC, Mar., 336 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Leah Hansen