The thirteenth installment of Laura Child's Tea Shop Mystery series brings back heroine Theodosia. But now her amateur sleuthing is more urgent than ever — this time her case involves her ex-boyfriend Parker Scully. This delightful, well-written detective story features lovable returning characters as well as some gossipers who stir in just the right amount of trouble. Jam-packed with tastings, charity events and delicious recipes, Agony of the Leaves is a delectable treat for all readers — even those new to the series. Put a pot of tea on and set aside some time to curl up with this tasty adventure!

Charleston's new aquarium opening is the event of the season and tea shop owner Theodosia Browning is one of a select group of local gourmets hired to cater the affair. This will mean seeing her ex, Parker Scully, but things ended amicably enough so Theodosia is not worried. But when she takes a well-deserved breather from the reception, she discovers Parker's dead body in one of the aquarium's new oceanic floor tanks. Theodosia sees defensive wounds on Parker’s hands and she realizes that his drowning is no accident. However, the Charleston police force doesn't want to hear the ravings of an ex-girlfriend, so if Theodosia wants to find the truth about Parker, she'll have to dive into her own investigation. (PRIME CRIME, Mar., 320 pp., $25.95)

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Reviewed by: 
Maria Planansky