Gunfighter Charleston Daniels covers Jessalea Richardson's back in a gunfight with Davidson Boggs thinking she's a green, badly outnumbered boy. Jesse, though wounded, gets away while Char is arrested. He waits in jail, unconcerned about punishment even in the face of lies told by Mayor Boggs' friends. It was a fair fight and he has connections from his time as a Texas Ranger. He forgets about Buddy Hill, his seventeen-year-old hero-worshiping personal barnacle, until Buddy breaks him out before his friends can attest to his fine, law-abiding character.

On their way into hostile Comanche territory, the two find the wounded Jesse, discover she's a girl and become part of her quest for revenge against the Boggs brothers who brutally murdered her whole family. Char intends to protect Jesse from any further violence and, at the same time, continue his own quest for the father who left his mother pregnant, stranded and alone. Char was named after the town where he was born, Charleston, and the name on his dying mother's lips, Otis Daniel. As they travel, Char and Jesse find it more and more difficult to resist the growing intensity of their mutual attraction.

Sue Rich creates a well-written, sexually charged love story garbed in the best traditions of the Western novel. SEXY (Feb., 320 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger