This re-release will certainly bring a smile to nostalgic Jennifer Greene fans, but first-time readers might feel the story falls flat. Greene does a good job with her no-holds-barred honest look at sex. Hero Mitch is a virgin and Kay is a sex-ed teacher, which provides an excellent set up for Greene to comment on the sexualized American culture. Although it is interesting to see Mitch and Kay respond to what they assume the other is feeling, both the hero and heroine suffer from a savior complex that ultimately drags the story down. Additionally, there are several characters whose roles could have been expanded to strengthen the story’s weak points. Nonetheless, Mitch’s clever ideas for dates and several steamy scenes between the pair make Ain’t Misbehaving a sweet romance.

Mitch spent his teens and early twenties suffering from a debilitating heart condition and is now shy around women. Although he is attracted to the vivacious Kay, he is nervous that she won’t be interested in him once she learns that he is a virgin. Will these thirty-somethings be able to overcome the hurdles of all of the emotions that go along with being someone’s “first” or will the weight of their fears crush this burgeoning relationship? (Carina Press, Nov.2010, dl. $4.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Kate Girard