Mary is single, grieving and confused about her identity. Puddin is married and chicken-chucking mad at her husband. Moor, an African prince, has no time for anything but school and God. To please her friends, Mary submits to a makeover guaranteed to catch a man. But the ladies of the church label her a Jezebel and want to oust her from her teen mentor position.

Puddin is determined to show her hypocritical husband she can do some-thing other than fry chicken. She takes a job as the hip-hop god-mama of the Baltimore computer dating service and makes it her personal quest to unite the African prince with an urban princess.

Foster pens a fun modern fairy tale. The lengthy sermonettes get tedious at times. But the intelligent, sometimes zany, humor and refreshing spiritual insights take up the slack and hold the novel together. (May, 328 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Elizabeth Nelson