Image of Ain't No Valley: A Novel


Image of Ain't No Valley: A Novel
Mary and Moore's wedding day nears, but it seems everything from the dress to the catering is in jeopardy, so Mary's friends take the wedding parable from Matthew 22 as a theme.

Meanwhile, her friend Anthony has gone from living well to getting fired and losing everything. He clings to his friendship with co-worker Moore, who asks him to be his best man. At the same time, Naomi's luck turns around at last. She was tuckered out, and a change can only do her good.

Naomi and Anthony are destined for great things if they will follow God's lead. But the first step of a journey is the most difficult. Will they take it? In this third installment of a fun and interesting series, Foster makes ordinary lives seem exceptional through lively, lovable characters. She whisks us into drama and beautiful settings, using the Bible stories of Ruth and the Prodigal Son to frame the work and take readers to a deeper level of truth. (Aug., 336 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Linda Mae Baldwin