Seven authors each put their own capricious spin on childhood bedtime stories.

In the humorous "R.A. Punzel Lets Down Her Hair" by Dee S. Knight, Ramona is a computer genius who's gone missing, and Richard is the street-savvy detective hired to find her. In Haynes' well-written "Beauty or the Bitch," Dexter's assigned a whatever-happened-to story. Snow White is figuring out why her stepmother tried to kill her in the sarcastically entertaining "Snow White and the Seven Dorks" by Cassidy. While in Leigh Wyndfield's "Little Red, the Wolf and the Hunter," Sibyl is being stalked by a rogue werewolf.

In "Once Upon a Princess" by Morgan, Nadia's royal father wants grandchildren—but her strong sexual passion has worn out and buried two husbands. Despite her grandfather's warnings in "Petra and the Werewolf," by Sydney Morgann, Petra ventures out to the forest and meets the king of the Woodland Wolves. In "Peter's Touch" by Hart, Wendy Dowling sees her brother's best friend, Peter Penn, in a whole new light. (Sep. '03., 351 pp., $13.50)

Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor